Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tub Update

My Husband drove down to the other Model and guess what! They've already converted and sold the Model so he couldn't go in to take pictures since there are people living there!

The Sales Rep at that property DID, however, confirm that the tub at the other Model is bigger than the one in the older model we saw. So that's the verdict folks. I would say the moral of the story is to truly know your floor plans before signing for them so you know EXACTLY what you have. That was our bad. HOWEVER! I also believe that Ryan should do a better job of showing customers our options.

FOR EXAMPLE: When we were picking out kitchen appliances, they had a nice booklet with actual pictures and sizes, and colors so that we could choose.

It would have been a great asset to have the same for bathrooms.

It's neither here nor there, after all is said and done it's just a TUB lol and it's still larger than average and that's what we wanted in the end.

Not sure if I'll have an update later on in the week since Easter's on Sunday. We'll be in church and with family all day, so hopefully we'll get to take updated pics before Monday!


  1. Wow, I always wondered what happens to the model homes and did not realize they would sell them too it makes sense. Now I wonder if the people got all the model decorations inside or the Ryan homes people move the decorations from location to location.

    At least you are getting the tub you wanted and is the bigger one than the other model so it is alll good.

    I never actually saw the kitchen appliance booklet and never thought to actually ask for the different options. I was just overwhelmed with all the choices and the upgrades. I didn't think to ask about the appliance choices ohh well. I am still getting an awesome house.

  2. WOW. Everyone talks about an upgrade list (we never saw it) and pictures of fixtures (again were never offered fixtures or saw any). I guess that's why I feel like no one believes this will happen for us, because they really didn't care too much to show us anything! We were all on our own (Hey, do you have this? What about this?) =/

    I am glad you found peace about the tub. =)

  3. Yes, for all of the readers out there still considering Ryan, this would probably be one CON. You'd think that Ryan would have a complete list of pictures (FOR ALL BUYERS) so potential buyers can see what they are getting and can see a wide array of options!! This would eliminate possible confusion down the road!

    Either way, we are still getting a BRAND new house that we still love! :) So, we're still happy in the end!

  4. For the most part they do have everything, but you have to ask. We saw a booklet with all the lighting fixtures in it. We did not see anything on faucets, but we also didn't ask. We had a complete standard option list. I have seen the complete appliance package booklet. Some of the items that might not have been in the book I asked for the manufacturer and model numbers and in most cases was able to look them up do my own research. The fireplace is a good example of that. I can only say, don't assume and don't accept no for an answer. You are spending a lot of money on this new house and you deserve to be an educated buyer no matter how small the detail. Noey...ask ask ask...and if that doesn't work then...demand...demand...demand!!!

  5. BD: Oh, we're happy! We asked!! We asked about the things we were interested in. I think seeing the whole list would have only gotten us in trouble. lol I am in love with the house! lol But if I had a question, I ASKED!! lol That's how I found out about needing to purchase a light for the morning the room (you guys helped there...ty!) and that it came with one over the sink, so I didn't have to worry about that!

  6. Glad you got that all worked out.

  7. ACP, we are new to your blog and we are right there with you regarding the RH rep. reviewing the options with the buyer. We are hoping that we catch everything and question when necessary. We did receive an Option List and it has been very helpful in guiding some of our questions and decisions. On suggestion that we have for RH is, maybe instead of overwhelming us with all of the details during the initial meeting, maybe RH could set-up meetings in multiple stages and provide an agenda on what they plan to go over in each stage. However, this may not work for a buyer who doesn’t have much time to sit in multiple meetings. Or they could provide more information (PDFs, pictures, option list, etc.) on their website so the buyer can do more research without bothering the RH rep. 100 times.

    All I know is if it wasn't for us spending countless number of hours familiarizing ourselves with RH, visiting multiple RH models (even models that were not a Waverly), and reading RH bloggers’ blogs we probably wouldn't have known to ask half of the questions that we have asked. This is the first time that we are building a house and we were hoping for more direction from RH. The initial visit with RH rep. was so overwhelming; after we left the meeting we couldn’t remember half of the stuff that the RH rep. went over. One thing that helps us is that during a meeting - one of us takes notes, while the other one listens and ask questions. One of us travels a lot for work and we even did a 3-way conference call so we were all on the same page. After each meeting, we review the notes and we follow-up with the RH rep. with any questions or clarifications. This is also one of the reasons why we started a blog; so we can document our progress to reference back to if necessary. We have found this method to be very helpful – even in our communication between each other – because we can always reference back to our notes and/or the blog.

    I agree - do not be afraid to ask questions and don't take NO for an answer. We have submitted a few custom requests - one of the request is installing a custom tub, which we’re still waiting to hear back from RH; however, we make sure that we follow-up with the RH rep. every 3-4 days to get a status update. This is a lot of $$$ and it is our house, so we have taken ownership even before closing. As for doing research, this is very important – For example, we requested copies of the appliance options and took it home to review - we looked up each model and asked our RH rep. a lot of questions. Now that we are more knowledgeable; we are more confident in our decision. We have a meeting with the RH rep. on Monday to submit our final selections.

    We are still in the very early stage of the building process (we don't break ground for another few weeks) and we are very thankful for all of the bloggers willing to share their stories. It has helped us out tremendously.

    Thank you for sharing and we wish you all the best with your new home!!!!

  8. Sorry it took me so long to respond HW!! Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the blog!! You bring up a lot of good points! Can't wait to see the progress on your house! :)