Monday, January 31, 2011

Ground has Broken!

Got the call from our PM and Sales Rep today that the ground has been broken!! They were supposed to break ground last week but had to push things back due to the winter storm that hit us on the east coast. They will be working into the night because there's another storm on the way this week!! Argh!! That's ok long as things have gotten started, we are good to go! I'm tired of living in this tiny one bedroom apartment paying someone else's mortgage!!! Pics coming soon when we can get up there to see what it looks like!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Empty Lot-Pics!

My Husband and I decided to go to the site to take pictures before ground breaking. We are getting really antsy about groundbreaking but we know there's a reason for everything! We went to the model at our site to get decorating ideas etc and we didn't want to leave!! We felt like we were at home! I'm so excited to see how the landscaping is going to turn out. It looks like it is going to be beautiful. Moving in in Spring time is going to be so beautiful, I hope! Check out the pics of the existing builing (ours will look the same) and landscaping below..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HGTV Addictions...and after Pre-Con Meeting!!!

Before I get into the nitty gritty of the Pre-Con meeting, I just noticed that the tv is either tuned to HGTV or DiY!!!!!! (anyone seen Vanilla Ice's new show?? LOL I actually like it!) This home buying process is so exciting and I can't wait to start sprucing the place up!

Ok, so Pre-Con was today and I was sooo nervous! I spoke to a friend of mine who bought new (not with Ryan) who gave me a lot of questions to ask at the meeting which was a HUGE help. Biggest decision we made was the position of the TV outlet. I think we spent about 20 minutes alone trying to decide if we should put the outlet over the fireplace or on the wall next to the fireplace!! We decided to place it on the wall next to the fireplace for the following reasons:
-we didn't want to risk the radiating heat from the fireplace causing long term damage to the televsion
-it would have been waaaaay high (fireplace is kind of tall)
-the position of the TV from the 'cable outlet' is on the actual wall and cannot be moved (another standard that comes with Ryan condos), so there would be wires running all over the wall to the fireplace. Some people would be ok with this...WE are not

Overall I think it was a good decision and we're happy with it.

Only not so good news is that groundbreaking could be pushed back a 1-3 more weeks. They have ONE more unit to sell in the building before the Project Manager can start building. Boooooooooooooo!!!!!! They keep assurring us that ground breaking is soon, so I won't lose faith just yet. I would really like to be in our new home before the dead heat of hear's to all going well. Right now, it's looking like the month of May.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inspection Question

Random question...
I've been reading on some of the other Ryan Home blogs about people bringing in their own inspector to take a look at their house. Can anyone tell me about how much an inspector charges for this? (I don't want to get cheated!) When is a good time during the home building process to bring in a professional inspector? Is it good to do it once or twice? Any help or advice is appreciated!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pre-Construction Meeting is SET!

Ok finally confirmed our Pre-con meeting for 1/11. I'm hoping it doesn't change!! I found out that we don't choose additional outlets for Ryan Condos as they are already pre-determined which is understandable. What we can change is the position of the outlets, so if we need the outlet higher due to a wall mount, we just tell the PM and he'll make it happen.
Oh guess what!!! We were allowed to add the crown molding back with no additional charge! Only condition was that this was the only addition we could make with no charge, they can't promise anything if we decide to add anything later, which I highly doubt we will (knock on wood!).
We drove buy the existing building a couple of weeks ago and saw people already living there so that's kind of exciting...
Some 'condo' jitters I have are:
1. living next to someone with a big loud dog
2. living next to someone who likes to have wild parties

I think I'm more worried about the big loud dog..I am a very light sleeper!!

The customers I've spoken to say they can't hear their neighbors at all. If anything they may hear the muffles of a loud movie played on surround sound, which I have no problem with coming from apartment living for years and years.

Well, we'll let you know if anything else comes up or changes. Again, if anyone has any pre-con recommendations or advice, please let us know!!
Seeya later!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Ok so when we initially chose what upgrades we'd get for the Picasso, we were careful about what we added and what we could simple add later. I think we did a pretty good job, but there is one thing I regret. I got rid of the crown molding! Every since I got rid of it, I can't stop thinking about it!!! My Husband and I figured, well we haven't had our pre-construction meeting yet (which is hopefully next week) so we thought we'd give a try in hopes of adding it back without penalty. Our saleslady said she would try to work it out for us so we didn't have to pay the $200 late fee. Here's hoping we can get it back for free!!!

The other upgrades we got, we are happy with so far. Here is the big ones I can remember off hand:
Upgraded kitchen appliances (not stainless steel, but the next best thing)
"Cherry" wood style cabinets (no knobs)
heavy pound carpet
model bathroom
ceiling fan wires
colomns in formal dining room

We DID NOT go with the bathroom on the first floor!!
I felt like the layout of the condo did not permit a bathroom on the first floor. It is entirely too close to the kitchen and dining room table!! Could you imagine having a nice dinner with friends and family and someone having to excuse themselves?? Not only would we be exposed to all sorts of unwelcomed sounds at the dinner table but I don't even want to think of the smell!! LOL I felt like it wasn't worth the 6K and there are also two bathrooms upstairs.

I've been debating over what to buy first for the condo. At first I wanted to buy a beautiful chandelier to decorate around the formal dining room. A Chandelier has beena childhood dream of mine. But I'm thinking the best thing to buy first is a bench to put in the stair case coming up form the front door. There are a lot of steps in the Picasso and a bench might be needed! THere's so much to choose from and we are so excited!

Here's hoping we don't have to pay to get the crown molding back and we set our pre-construction meeting for sometime this week. Anyone have any tips for the pre-construction meeting?? Any tips or advice are welcome!!!