Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inspection Question

Random question...
I've been reading on some of the other Ryan Home blogs about people bringing in their own inspector to take a look at their house. Can anyone tell me about how much an inspector charges for this? (I don't want to get cheated!) When is a good time during the home building process to bring in a professional inspector? Is it good to do it once or twice? Any help or advice is appreciated!


  1. My husband has a guy from work that is also a certified home inspector, so he's doing it free of charge. We're just goint to take have him over for dinner when the house is finished. We got lucky.
    We had him in at the pre-drywall meeting and will have him with us for the final walk through. We are going on Saturday to make sure they made the changes we asked for before the dry wall goes up and so that we can take a look at the insulation, the inspector may come with us as well.
    Another Ryan builder that I communicate with is the one who suggested it to me. He had an inspector come in to check out the foundation, pre-drywall, post-drywall, and final walk through. He said it cost $200 but I'm not sure if that was for each (that would be A LOT) or total.

  2. Thanks km!!! I wonder how much we can actually change or request seeing we are building a condo instead of a single family. This will be one of my questions at the pre-con meeting! Thanks!

  3. Our charge in Washington county, pa is $300. That is for foundation, pre-drywall, and final inspection! Definitely worth it to me!!

  4. Hey ACP! Congrats on the condo, did you get an inspection? Do you mind sharing with a future condo owner?