Monday, January 3, 2011

Pre-Construction Meeting is SET!

Ok finally confirmed our Pre-con meeting for 1/11. I'm hoping it doesn't change!! I found out that we don't choose additional outlets for Ryan Condos as they are already pre-determined which is understandable. What we can change is the position of the outlets, so if we need the outlet higher due to a wall mount, we just tell the PM and he'll make it happen.
Oh guess what!!! We were allowed to add the crown molding back with no additional charge! Only condition was that this was the only addition we could make with no charge, they can't promise anything if we decide to add anything later, which I highly doubt we will (knock on wood!).
We drove buy the existing building a couple of weeks ago and saw people already living there so that's kind of exciting...
Some 'condo' jitters I have are:
1. living next to someone with a big loud dog
2. living next to someone who likes to have wild parties

I think I'm more worried about the big loud dog..I am a very light sleeper!!

The customers I've spoken to say they can't hear their neighbors at all. If anything they may hear the muffles of a loud movie played on surround sound, which I have no problem with coming from apartment living for years and years.

Well, we'll let you know if anything else comes up or changes. Again, if anyone has any pre-con recommendations or advice, please let us know!!
Seeya later!


  1. Congrats!!!! We start building on the 17th..I cant wait!!!

  2. That's very exciting! Great news about the crown molding. That wasn't an upgrade option for us, but we plan to do it on our own. You're too funny, I love your reasoning on the bathroom :)
    Our pre-construction meeting took a couple of hours, probably longer than what our PM had planned, but we asked a lot of questions. We just wanted to make sure that what we're getting matches our expectations. We spent a lot of time looking at the blueprints and just asked a lot of specific questions about the locations of the electrical stuff. I'd also be sure that you have your PM write down any changes. For example, we discussed where we wanted our washtub to go, but when my husband went on the pre-drywall walkthrough today, it was in the wrong spot. It wasn't a big deal to change, but I'd just make sure there is some documentation.
    Enjoy the whole process!