Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Empty Lot-Pics!

My Husband and I decided to go to the site to take pictures before ground breaking. We are getting really antsy about groundbreaking but we know there's a reason for everything! We went to the model at our site to get decorating ideas etc and we didn't want to leave!! We felt like we were at home! I'm so excited to see how the landscaping is going to turn out. It looks like it is going to be beautiful. Moving in in Spring time is going to be so beautiful, I hope! Check out the pics of the existing builing (ours will look the same) and landscaping below..


  1. Wow! Those are beautiful. I'm assuming that they're broken into the first two and second two floors. Which will you be on?

  2. Yes broken up with two floors each. Ours is the light beige unit with the green shutters.