Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cleaning Day Tomorrow!

So cleaning day is tomorrow! Time is running out and my parents will be here later on this week and staying with us. This means we must CLEAN and start to purge some of the junk we have, and begin to pack!!! Here's hoping we actually do that lol......

We stopped by the house today but I didn't have my camera. We have a driveway! We couldn't go inside because the door was locked, so we are guessing it's locked because they've been installing things maybe? That's ok though, because our PM will be giving us a tour on Thursday, so I can wait. :)

Anywhoo..hope you all are having a good weekend!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Operation: Let's Sneak in on Easter Sunday!!!

*Insert: Mission Impossible Theme Song*

So we went to Sunrise Service this morning and we figured there wouldn't be anyone there working, so we could just walk in. WRONG!!! There were some guys working on the outside of the house putting shutters on. So we snuck in and took pics of the house with drywall! It was so thrilling! LOL

After taking another look at the tub..I decided to let it go. Now that it's all set in, it looks huge and I'm actually happy with it now! :)

Enjoy the pics below! A lot of it looks like a bunch of 'white' so it's hard to tell what's what in the pictures, but you get the idea! Can't wait to move in!


Part of Formal Dining and Formal Living Room

Beginnings of the Kitchen

Another look at the tub

Laundry Room hookups

Now we know why the garage was locked! All of our stuff is in there! We found our cabinets, columns, and even our staircase railings!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


We stopped by today since we are not sure if we'll have time to tomorrow. HAPPY EASTER by the way!!!!!! HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!
I hope you and your family enjoy this Holiday weekend!

We tried to go inside, but couln't lift up the garage. We think it may have been locked. We walked around to the other side and they layed cement in our doorway so we didn't want to be losers and mess that up LOL.

Also...I know what you are going to say!! But I'm going to call my Sales Rep on Monday to see if there's any way we can get the other tub. I know...I know..I know....I just want to try and exhaust all options.

Hope you like the brand spaken new countdown! We got our letter from Ryan letting us know our final walk through and closing - May 31!! Yipee!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tub Update

My Husband drove down to the other Model and guess what! They've already converted and sold the Model so he couldn't go in to take pictures since there are people living there!

The Sales Rep at that property DID, however, confirm that the tub at the other Model is bigger than the one in the older model we saw. So that's the verdict folks. I would say the moral of the story is to truly know your floor plans before signing for them so you know EXACTLY what you have. That was our bad. HOWEVER! I also believe that Ryan should do a better job of showing customers our options.

FOR EXAMPLE: When we were picking out kitchen appliances, they had a nice booklet with actual pictures and sizes, and colors so that we could choose.

It would have been a great asset to have the same for bathrooms.

It's neither here nor there, after all is said and done it's just a TUB lol and it's still larger than average and that's what we wanted in the end.

Not sure if I'll have an update later on in the week since Easter's on Sunday. We'll be in church and with family all day, so hopefully we'll get to take updated pics before Monday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bathtub Shinanigans.....

Ok, so here's the deal....
The bathtub that is in my Pre-Dry Wall meeting post seemed strange to me. When we saw it and I snapped the picture, my Husband and I remarked that it seemed small. We both blew it off because we figured it was because of the stage of construction around it.

Yesterday, I went back to the tour on the Ryan Homes site and took a tour back to the model bathroom. It's a different tub! We instantly fell in love with the model bathroom and were told that that's the one we had.

So I left a message with my Sales Rep letting her know that I think we have the wrong tub.

Spoke with her today and it turns out that in each model, the tubs are completely different. Although they are both larger than the standard tub, they are different in shape. We've been looking at two different model homes. The one that we asked for is in the original model we looked at back in October.

So I said, ok...I guess that's what we agreed to and signed on. HOWEVER, now I'm curious. I'm going to go back to the original model we looked at and compare tubs to make sure this correct! Not sure when I'll be able to get down there because it's a little out of the way, but I'll keep you all posted!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dry Wall In Progess....

We stopped by today not really expecting to see anything, but lo and behold! They've started putting dry wall up already! We were tempted to go upstairs but we heard workers in the building, so we stayed out of the way. So the only pics we've got are of the garage. All I gotta say is....those are a lot of nails! They also progressed a little with the bricks. It rained like CRAZY on Saturday, so I'm guessing that is holding up most of the brick laying.

We're planning on walking through again with our PM the first week in May. Our final walk through is set for May 27 and closing is supposed to be a couple of days after that. Our PM said we should be getting a letter confirming all the dates, so as soon as we get that, I'll put up a countdown! :)

We've slowly started the process of moving and cleaning some of this stuff out. We just can't seem to decide what to get rid of or sell!! So we started clearing out stuff we don't use and throwing away old papers and stuff. It's amazing what you accumulate in 2 years living in a tiny apartment!

Here's a question for you any of you plan on getting used furniture insead of purchasing new? I always wanted to purchase new, but I've been surfing Craigslist in my area and there's a LOT of quality stuff out there! I just wouldn't buy anything that's fabric like a couch. I would only buy wooden or things I could easily clean. Thoughts??

Enjoy the pics below!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pre-Dry Wall Meeting

Our Pre-Dry Wall Meeting was on Thursday and I have to say it was a really special feeling to be able to walk in our home for the very first time! It really just looked like a bunch of wood LOL and sometimes we didn't even know where we were standing LOL, but it was just a big ball of specialness! We found out that our final walk through is May 27 and we should close a few days after that.

Now, it's getting more REAL than ever! We have to MOVE!! OMG What are we going to do with all of this stuff! LOL I have so much to do! Work, thesis, exercise, graduation, and moving! The exercising in particular is very important. I'm on medication for high cholesterol, so it's been a passion of mine to get the weight off so I can stop taking this medication! But the building up stress isn't helping much! I just have to take it one day at a time. I will be working all day today!

Well take a look at the pictures and I hope you enjoy them even though I forgot what some of them actually were LOL...

Living Room


View from the front door. There will be a lake here as well. Isn't it pretty!

Inspection Stickers

Master Bathroom Tub. I was surprised this was here so early!

Laundry Room


So that's the gist of what it looks like now! I'm not too sure how much we'll be able to post of the outside of the building because most of the updates will be on the inside. Our PM said because they'll be putting the "goop" in (I can't remember the real name for it, so I call it goop lol), we won't be able to enter for another 2 weeks. Until next time...I have school work to do!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


We had our Pre-Dry Wall Meeting today! It was sooo awesome! I'll post a more detailed update and pics tomorrow (it's been an exhausting, but good, day!)
We stopped by Next Day Blinds today just because I wanted to see what options were out there....ummmm WHY are blinds sooo expensive!!!!!?!!??!

I would really like to NOT give up my dreams of Plantation Shutters just yet! So if anyone knows of any wearhouses on the East Coast where we can get better prices, please do share!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bricks & Outlets

Updated pics are below!! Yay!
Couple things that have been on my mind over the weekend...
Our Pre-Dry Wall meeting is this week, so we should be locking in very very soon. How the heck does this government/budget/shutdown thing going to effect the interest rates? I've gotta catch up on the news, but if anyone can give me a summary, I'd appraciate it! :)
How the heck am I going to get to the tile and flooring place to take new pics of the flooring and tile we selected? Have to figure that out with only one car and busy schedules.

When we stopped by the house today, we noticed that we have outlets, sprinklers, and a place for a water hose/spicket. The spicket particularly excited me LOL, someting about having your own water hose makes me feel like you've really made it LOL! I absolutely cannot wait to go inside FINALLY!! They also started laying bricks.
Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Questions from Former or Long Time "New" Home Owners

I'm going away for the weekend and need reasons to NOT pack! :) I hate packing. So I decided to ask a question for those of you who have either owned a Ryan home before or have owned a "new" home before, what's your long term experience with it? Looking back, what would you have done differently? How did the neigborhood end up developing around you?? Just wondering and would love to hear your insight.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spoke to PM Today!

I spoke to our PM today and he said all is going great. Along with the loooong lists of inspections and electricial work taking place this week, he says our Pre-Drywall meeting will be next week!!!! Ok, so this is where I ask for ANY advice you all may have out there!

I'll be combing the blogs this week for advice too! :)
We were also told that our Final Walk Through and closing would likely be mid to late May. So far, timing is proving to work in our favor.

So exciting!

My BIG Worry

Ok, so I gotta get this out!
Do any of you have that one BIG worry about your house being built? The thing you have nightmares about?? LOL Well, here's my big worry:
I'm afraid they will build our bathroom wrong....

Why this has been the plague of my fears, LOL, I have no idea!
When we saw the model, we instantly fell in love with the model bathroom layout. It was huge, had a huge soaking tub (we didn't get the jets because I didn't want to bother with the headache of cleaning them...), a huge glass shower, and its own toilet room (no kidding, the toilet has it's OWN room! LOL).

So this is why I really can't wait to get in there to make sure they are building the right bathroom layout! If not, I think I may freak out...
Now that I've gotten that off my chest, is there anyone else out there who have fears like this? :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Doors Added..bricks laid aside

Recently the Hubs and I have been talking about furniture, and when/how we plan to furnish. Sooo ironically (this was in the last post) we met another Ryan customer who recommended Johnny Janosik..He claimed that its a wearhouse that keeps all of the name brand furniture in stock like Lay Z Boy and they he furnished his entire 2 story home for $1600!! Of course we were interested. The closest one to us is in Delaware and we are really very curious. Since we've been feeling like a road trip, I think we'll go out there and see! The drive would be about 2-3 hours.

In updated news, here are the latest pics! As far as we can tell, they've added doors onthe balcony and front door. We were also brave enough to sneak into the garage and take picsof pipes. I was reluctant to walk up the stairs because I didn't want to get hurt. Check out the pics below!

Getting antsy about that Pre-Dry wall meeting..I really want to know when it is. I plan on giving the PM a call sometime this week.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Johnny Janosik

We stopped by the site today to take a look at the building (pics coming later on!), and we ran into another Ryan customer looking at the model. He recommended we go to Johnny Janosik furniture when we start furnishing the house. He said they have great deals since it's a wearhouse. Has anyone heard of it? If so, would you recommend?