Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dry Wall In Progess....

We stopped by today not really expecting to see anything, but lo and behold! They've started putting dry wall up already! We were tempted to go upstairs but we heard workers in the building, so we stayed out of the way. So the only pics we've got are of the garage. All I gotta say is....those are a lot of nails! They also progressed a little with the bricks. It rained like CRAZY on Saturday, so I'm guessing that is holding up most of the brick laying.

We're planning on walking through again with our PM the first week in May. Our final walk through is set for May 27 and closing is supposed to be a couple of days after that. Our PM said we should be getting a letter confirming all the dates, so as soon as we get that, I'll put up a countdown! :)

We've slowly started the process of moving and cleaning some of this stuff out. We just can't seem to decide what to get rid of or sell!! So we started clearing out stuff we don't use and throwing away old papers and stuff. It's amazing what you accumulate in 2 years living in a tiny apartment!

Here's a question for you any of you plan on getting used furniture insead of purchasing new? I always wanted to purchase new, but I've been surfing Craigslist in my area and there's a LOT of quality stuff out there! I just wouldn't buy anything that's fabric like a couch. I would only buy wooden or things I could easily clean. Thoughts??

Enjoy the pics below!


  1. You are better than me. We've gone in there when there were a couple of workers.

    You can absolutely find quality used wooden furniture. We hadn't thought about going that route, probably because its our first house and we want new stuff. Maybe I should look for a dining room table on there.

  2. I'm all about Craigslist!!! Our stools around the kitchen island were purchased on CL.

  3. I have definitely been going on craiglist daily looking for furniture I may like! My problem Is I am just picky! I would definitely consider that, great money saver! Or you can look for liquidator furniture stores in your area. We found somewhere called American freight, not sure if they are nationwide or not? We got sone great deals! Our second house so we are trying to save major money by buying cheaper quality furniture :)

  4. I'll have to look into American Freight! I will definatly use Craigslist for boxes. Last time I moved I spent $65 on a small amount of boxes....that is $65 too much! This time, I hope to get some quality for free!