Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Link to Picasso!

For those of you interested in the Picasso, here is the link! More updates to come!


Yes! We are building a Ryan Home Condo!!! :)

Hi everyone!!
I decided to start this blog because my Husband and I have decided to embark onto a journey of building a first home ever with Ryan Homes. It's been a long ride of talking to different homeowners, Realtors, and other Ryan Home customers and ultimately we decided to go with Ryan. So far, we've been satisfied but could still use the support and help from all of you lovely folks out there with other more established Ryan blogs. I wasn't able to find a whole lot of blogs about condos so I decided to start one of my own!

Ok, so little bit of history here....

When my Husband and I started on our journey of trying to find a home, we looked into the standard 'used' home. We looked and looked and looked! We were set on single family, white picket fence home and we weren't going back. We bought Homebuying for Dummies (which highly recommend if you are first time homebuyer!!!!!), which was what initially turned me on to NEW homes. We took a trip over to one of the Ryan home properties and although we were sold on the process of Ryan, we just weren't feeling the large single family home. So we looked at more Ryan home models over and over and over...and ultimately we came to the conclusion that a single family home (even the smaller ones) just wasn't for us. I compare it to choosing my wedding dress...when I first got engaged, I knew exactly what kind of dress I wanted! But when I tried it on, it just wasn't really for me...it was still beautiful...just didn't feel like 'this is it!". We felt the same way about the single family homes. They were beautiful!! Just not really for us. So, feeling defeated and doubtful that we'd ever find a home suited for us, we decided to look at a Ryan Home condo just for fun. First we looked at the Matisse, two story condo on the ground level. We weren't feeling it. Then, we took a look at the two story condo Picasso, and the minute we stepped into it, we both looked at each other and LOVED it! We knew it was for us!

So in the excited spirit of new homes, we've decided to contribute our story of building a Ryan Home condo! We hope this can be of some help and insight to those looking to buy in that arena.

For starters, here's where we are now in the process. We should be having our pre-construction meeting within the next two weeks. Ground breaking is scheduled to start this month..I really hope it does not get pushed back! It's already been pushed back 1 month due to a slowing in condo sales. For those of you going the condo route, our building is determined on how many units have been sold. That was something we were willing to live with since this was what we really wanted. We went with an internal unit as opposed to the end unit.

I'll highlight on the upgrades etc later and can't wait to start posting pictures!
Welcome to our blog!