Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bricks & Outlets

Updated pics are below!! Yay!
Couple things that have been on my mind over the weekend...
Our Pre-Dry Wall meeting is this week, so we should be locking in very very soon. How the heck does this government/budget/shutdown thing going to effect the interest rates? I've gotta catch up on the news, but if anyone can give me a summary, I'd appraciate it! :)
How the heck am I going to get to the tile and flooring place to take new pics of the flooring and tile we selected? Have to figure that out with only one car and busy schedules.

When we stopped by the house today, we noticed that we have outlets, sprinklers, and a place for a water hose/spicket. The spicket particularly excited me LOL, someting about having your own water hose makes me feel like you've really made it LOL! I absolutely cannot wait to go inside FINALLY!! They also started laying bricks.
Enjoy the pics!


  1. Great progress. I agree with the spicket. Can't wait to attach a hose to it.

  2. Nice pics! I heard and read they think interest rates are going up....but who knows! ? It changes back and forth...good luck!

  3. I am sooo dreading the interest rate and we have not even broke ground yet just hope it does not go up too much. I like the outlets just looking at it makes it more real knowing they will start working on the inside soon enough. I like the bricks they do look nice! Will it be fully brick?

  4. Thanks! No, the whole building will not all be brick. They change it up with each unit. I'll post pics of what the final building will look like, but if you want to look now, I have the pics of what the completed building will look like in one of my older posts.