Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My BIG Worry

Ok, so I gotta get this out!
Do any of you have that one BIG worry about your house being built? The thing you have nightmares about?? LOL Well, here's my big worry:
I'm afraid they will build our bathroom wrong....

Why this has been the plague of my fears, LOL, I have no idea!
When we saw the model, we instantly fell in love with the model bathroom layout. It was huge, had a huge soaking tub (we didn't get the jets because I didn't want to bother with the headache of cleaning them...), a huge glass shower, and its own toilet room (no kidding, the toilet has it's OWN room! LOL).

So this is why I really can't wait to get in there to make sure they are building the right bathroom layout! If not, I think I may freak out...
Now that I've gotten that off my chest, is there anyone else out there who have fears like this? :)


  1. My fear list goes on and on! I have constant nightmares and worries of stories I have read! I also have made so man changes that there are many things that can be missed...I am sure your feelings are very, very normal! It is such a nervous but exciting journey :)

  2. I had a dream they built our upstairs wrong!!! lol so yes you will definitely have nightmares!!

  3. Haven't run into the sleepless nights yet, but we aren't close to breaking ground. I have all our changes documented in an excel file and I have matched them all up to our change documents to keep all that straight. However, my fears come from other posts..things like "They built our house wrong", the bay window is missing, etc etc...we have a lot of additions that are structural in nature so I feel we will have to be there every day in the beginning...in addition to that we are closing off the family room instead of having it 2 stories...this change dramatically changes the layout of the 2nd floor...ie everything changes...don't get that right and it's a huge mistake.

    My other big fear is missing something major during the pre-drywall walkthru...ie a cracked beam or crooked stud...no chance to find it afterwards, but they could lead to serious problems after.

  4. BD, you hit the nail on the head! When we went to pick out carpet and tiling, there were some pictures that I ended up not taking. I think we will go back up there and take new pictures of what we ordered. All of our documents are in the same bag we had back in October when we got approved with NVR LOL...I guess it wouldn't hurt to go through them again and get organized!