Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spoke to PM Today!

I spoke to our PM today and he said all is going great. Along with the loooong lists of inspections and electricial work taking place this week, he says our Pre-Drywall meeting will be next week!!!! Ok, so this is where I ask for ANY advice you all may have out there!

I'll be combing the blogs this week for advice too! :)
We were also told that our Final Walk Through and closing would likely be mid to late May. So far, timing is proving to work in our favor.

So exciting!


  1. From what I've read on some of the other blogs, some things to look for are:

    Buckled joints (bows in joints and wood) inside and out

    Cracked wood

    Beams uneven

    Look also for cracks around windows and doors

    pipes going in and out of house should be insulated

    Those are my notes from other blogs. I love this binder. lol I hope some others can give you good advice!

  2. I think Noey covered it. I didn't go to the pre-dry-wall. Also, take lots of pictures so you know where things are behind the walls.

  3. OOOO another good idea! I have to write that one down too. Thanks K M!

  4. Thanks everyone!!! I'll have to figure out what a buckled joint looks like LOL