Thursday, May 5, 2011

Walk Through Today!

We got to take a walk-through of the house today and it was UHHHHHH-MAZING! They still have a lot of work to do, but a lot has been done! :) There were still people working while we were visiting. I didn't venture upstairs because it sounded like they were shooting a pellet gun or something..I don't do too well with flying projectiles LOL, so didn't go upstairs. We are going to go back tomorrow though because the Hubs wasn't able to make it today. Enjoy the pics. Can't believe we move in 25 days ahhhh!!!!!! Sooo exciting! :)

Isn't the exterior gorgeous! :) Can't wait to see the sidewalk and landscaping!

My 'must have' columns have been installed. Maybe I shoule paint them lime green?? Just kidding! :)

I forgot what cabinets we chose. Now I remember why I liked them. Not too dark and not too light.

Haven't installed the sink yet.

Pretty railings!

Tiling has begun in the bathroom. Couldnt' fit in there because someone was working.

Our fireplace! For a split second I regretted getting the standard black granite, but I figured it would pick up the spec of black inthe kitchen counter really well. So I'm swell!

I may be able to take more pictures tomorrow if we are able to get upstairs. This process is so exciting! Can't wait to move in!


  1. It is gorgeous!!! And I think my heart stopped a beat or two with the lime green comment. lol I know I gasped! lol

    Everything is sooooo pretty!!

    Wow 25 day!! Very exciting!!

  2. I love love the column it makes it look soooo pretty! I'm jealous I will have no columns but wow yours definitely adds class to your home. Whoo hoo less than a month for you to move in not too much longer now.

  3. Yes those Columns are really pretty and the cabinet colors are the same as mine I think?? Maple Spice is what we selected! :)

  4. Thanks! I really liked columns when we saw the model and had to have them! :)
    @Chelly: Yes the cabinets are Maple Spice! I am glad we chose them :)