Monday, May 23, 2011

Almost there!!!!!!

So, we've got 7 more days! So excited!!!
We went by again on Saturday and they took the protective cardboard off of the floor. I think they did an excellent job on laying down the floors! The Hubs and I decided to get the lanolium now and add tile later and we are really happy with our choice! I love our appliances too! They put blue tape where ever there was a touch up needed and it seems like they pretty much covered everything.
Our apartment is pretty much to the point of being bare bones. Most everything is in boxes. We are doing our last load of laundry tonight until we move in. Right now, we are living out of bags and the rest of our stuff of packed. I am PRAYING that everything will go ok with closing and nothing gets moved!!
I spoke to our PM today to let him know that we are really very impressed with everything. We did notice that the lock on the french doors is slightly off, so I notified him about that. Our PM told us that they be cleaning and touching things up this week. I am so ready to move in! Enjoy the pics below!

First floor Powder Room

French Doors leading to Family Room (Protection for glass still on)

Kitchen with appliances in place

Shower in Master Bath

Laundry Room

Admiring the Crown Molding! :) This is one change order I am glad we made!

Guest Bathroom

Fireplace (It actually works now! It's on in this picture, not sure if you can tell)

Stair railings. They've stained them already.


  1. it looks so pretty!! =) How exciting for you guys!! GL with closing and the move!

  2. Everything looks days till it is all yours...we are 9 days from breaking ground...seems like only yesterday you were in the same spot.

  3. Everything looks so beautiful. Can't wait to get to this stage.

  4. I cannot believe its only 7 more days away! It will go by so fast. You will love your new home congrats so very exciting. One more month for me yay! The pictures look super awesome love it.

  5. I can't wait to see your progress Stephanie! Thanks! :)