Saturday, May 28, 2011

Final Walk Through Complete

Yesterday was our Final Walk Through!
It all went really well! Our PM showed us the ropes on EVERYTHING in the house.
There were only a few things that needed to be touched up, minor things:

-Packaging glue will be removed from lamps in kitchen
-Column was slightly knicked on he botton
-(Not sure what it's called) but a strip of wood isn't sealed on the the side of the counter all the way
-Some packacking left on the refrigerator

While we were there, we ran the dishwasher, popped a bag of popcorn in the microwave, turned on the oven and stove, ran a cycle in the dryer and washing machine, tested all toilet flushes, made sure all windows open and closed properly, among many other things....

Then my Father-In-Law (who's a Pastor) blessed the house. I wasn't moving in unless it was blessed first! Most of our neighbors have already moved in. And they are already starting to build another building in our community. We are really happy with what we have!!!!

Now, moving begins and NVR doesn't need ANYTHIGN else from us! YAY~~~!!!!!
Now let the moving adventure start!


  1. Congrats!! We have prayed over the lot several times, and will be praying over the house too! =)

    I'm glad the walk-thru went so well!! =) GL at Closing!! I bet you guys are super excited!!! I can't wait to see pics! (hint hint) lol

    I'm glad NVR doesn't need anything else! Makes it so much easier!!

    Congrats ya'll!! =D

  2. We had the same sense of relief when NVR finally did NOT need another set of paychecks, bank statements, blah blah. We thought that would never end! This happened mostly because our closing was postponed multiple times since, being the first house in the development, the house could not be completed until the first power lines and gas lines were run into the community, and there were delays with this, so therefore multiple do-overs with NVR ! :)

  3. Congrats that is sooo exciting I am so happy for you. Yes I agre with noe pics hint hint hint lol. You are gonna love love your new place and never want to leave haha. Glad to hear that NR needed no other paperwork hopefully our closing will go as smoothly as yours. Congrats again.

  4. Congrats on things going smoothly and your NVR stuff being all ready to go.

    I couldn't wait to get home and post a comment on your blog. We finally took a ride down to the Johhny Janosik furniture store in Dover Delaware and WOW...WOW...WOW Huge selection of everything and prices were really really good. I wish we had gone there first. I know you are busy with your move and you may have already purchased furniture, BUT it would be well worth your time to make the trip to check it out. Our sales person said it's a really good idea to look on their website since it is physically impossible to stock everything they carry and/or can get for you. The website is
    I am not sure which store would be closer for you...probably the Laurel store, but if you go to the Dover store ask for Deanie(pronounced Dani) Gory...she was fantastic.

    Good Luck with the move and can't wait to see the pictures!!!

  5. THANK YOU so much BD! It's really special that you told us this because we actually were planning on going TOMORROW!!! We are leaving first thign in the a.m., and it should take us about 2.5 hours to get there. We will ask for Dani and let you know how it goes! :)

  6. That's great. We may see you there then. We want to check out some TV consoles that may go with an entertainment center we have.

  7. Congrats, that is so exciting! Prayer is a must..thank God for his blessings!

    Good luck with the move!

  8. I am guessing you went to the Laurel, DE store because we didn't see you at the Dover store, plus you said it is 2.5 hours and the Dover store is only about 2 hours from DC. What did you think? I am always interested to get other's opinions of stores and pricing.

  9. So did you choose to have your own inspector for the pre-drywall and final walk through?

    Thanks for the insight.

  10. Congrats! It seems like you all just started building yesterday and now you're moving in! Great, great, great!