Sunday, May 8, 2011

Staple holes in columns

We went by the house (AGAIN)to see if they did anything different from yesterday LOL and we noticed little holes in our columns. They look tiny stapel holes from the packaging or something. There is also a scratch and small dent on one of them. I will notify my PM about this tomorrow! I hope something like this won't hold up our settlement date. Will keep you posted on what happens....


  1. Good you found these little flaws. There will be little things like that where you'll catch things they missed. They're good about fixing them if you point them out. The more eyes the better; there's always something they'll miss. We told them about everything we didn't like, because we wanted it all to be as perfect as possible, and they addressed our concerns every time. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Mike! I think we're going to keep it up with the multiple trips. We notice little things everytime we go and this is great!