Saturday, May 7, 2011

Slightly new pic...and a slight confession :/

We went back yesterday with my Husband and there were some minor updates. They added the counter top to the counter, put in some doorknobs and layed down lanolium and finished tile in the bathrooms. Enjoy the pics below!

Now for the slight confession.....I had a freak out yall......I don't know what it is about my fear of the bathroom not being right! But after seeing the bathroom being more complete, I swore that they gave the wrong bathroom! I was pissed! I called our Sales Rep and she wasn't the Hubs and I kinda gave it to some Sales Rep still in training. After our Project Manager talked us down and reminded us of what we chose, I felt really bad! I remembered back in October, that the Hubs and I decided to downgrade the bathroom because of budget constraints. TOTALLY Forgot about that! So I owe some people an apology for gettting upset. I was wrong and they were not. I really am glad that they handled everything so professionaly though! I mean, I wasn't irrate or anyting LOL but I was definately ticked off and upleasent. I feel bad :(....But I'll sort it out tomorrow when our Sales Rep gets in. Phew..feels better now that I got it off my chest :).

Ok, for real now here are the pics:



These are the French Doors I added to separate the Family Room from Formal Dining and Formal Living Room (glass panels still covered for obvious reasons)

Guest Bathroom upstairs in the hallway


  1. Everything looks pretty!! =)

    Don't beat yourself up too bad. I'm sure they have dealt with this kind of thing before. It happens. The process is stressful, fun but stressful. I'm just glad you got it all worked out!

  2. Building a house is fun and stressful I am sure the office deals with it all the time and I bet they have forgotten about it by now. Their only concern is to make sure you and the hubs love your new place and want your experience to be a positive one.

    The pictures look great and I do like the doorknobs and your kitchen cainets. :)

  3. It is sooo hard to keep track of everything. I have all of our additional options in an excel file, BUT that does not include all the options that we picked up front. Before we start construction I need to find time to go back thru all the paperwork and document by room all the changes and selections we by room by room. I want to do this for multiple reasons, but the biggest is that we have selected soooo many things off the options list and in addition we have added a bunch of our own custom options that I want to make sure we are all(my wife, our PM, and me) on the same page when we sit down for our preconstruction meeting.

  4. It happens to the best of us. Nice choices.