Sunday, March 13, 2011

ROOF!!!! There it is!!! Chakalaka...Chakalaka......

Stopped by today and the construction workers were activel putting on the roof. It was a BEAUTIFUL day today and I can really say that I love the neighborhood we'll be living in! The parts of the building were you could see concrete are no longer visible. They are now covered with wood.

Also got a call from NVR letting us know that our 90 day window is approaching. I really just can't believe it and am soooo ready to move! Check out the pics!


  1. I'm so happy for you. 90 days are going to fly by now.

  2. Im lmao at your blog title!!! COngrats girl!!

  3. Ohh wow the pictures stunned me and it is crazy looking at the cranes and how they put it up there. I would be freaking out wondering if they put it wrong lol and affect the other buildings near by but luckily those people are the EXPERTS!!!!

    It sure is fun watching your progress.

  4. Thanks India! Stephanie, it's been LOADS of fun. Can wait to actually live there!