Wednesday, March 9, 2011

House Hunters Addiction

Thought I'd comment on my recent HGTV addiction, House Hunters! I'm a big fan of the show (not so much of the International version..) I gotta say I love how some of these couples think because it cracks me up!!! Someone will see a DREAM home and they turn it down because of the bathroom's amazing seeing the thought process of some of these people. I always find it rather ironic that many of these couples choose the house 'outside' of their price range. I wonder how this show works really...and how they don't get out bidded by other buyers....
I feel the most sorry for the buyers who are under a time crunch and have, like, 2 weeks to buy..I'm so glad we decided to NOT put ourselves through that kind of pressure!!! As first time homebuyers, I think it would have been waaaay too much pressure!
My other fave is Holmes Inspection. I ask this everytime I watch.."You IDIOT!! Why didn't you get your home inspected before you bought!!!!" I also wonder who really pays for all of those maybe? I dunno. Nonetheless, I'm loving the channel..

On another note, I noticed an ANTIQUE STORE right down the street from where we will be living once the new house is built. CAN'T WAIT to go inside and see what's cooking...There's also a seafood place, pizza place, and 7Eleven less that 5 miles away..LOL I am NEVER leaving my new house.... LMAO...I crack myself up!


  1. We gave up cable to help save a little more money for the house. Nonetheless, I miss EVERYTHING about HGTV and DIY. We'll looking at satellite now because we refuse to get Comcast or Fios. That's exciting having a antique store close by.

  2. I am so with you on this. In our house it's either ESPN or HGTV. I love house hunters too, and like you I'm so glad we didn't have to go through that.
    2011, we have direct TV. I'd be fine with whatever, but my husband loves it.

  3. Lol! I am sooooo addicted to house hunters! I also am always trying to figure out peoples thought process! I watch the international one but only like it when it's on a beach location, wishing I could afford it! :)

  4. HGTV is all we watch...besides basketball or my trashy reality shows!! lol I wish they would film in more locations other than Toronto all the time though....

  5. The house hunters show is a little misleading. The people selected for the show have to be under contract already with a house. They are then shown two houses for the first time. That's why some of the comments are weird because they have to say something about houses they never considered buying.

  6. Ahh so that's why the comments seem a little forced sometimes! Makes sense! I love the magic of television LOL...